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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001381   Crashminorassigned (VRocker)2021-09-29Calling socket.Delete(); and reloading server scripts crashes server
  00001372   Crashminorassigned (VRocker)2021-09-29socket.SetLostConnFunc and socket.SetNewConnFunc dont work when used together
  00000973   Bugminornew2021-09-29Control Dodo
  00001111   Otherfeatureresolved (VRocker)2016-06-05Unique ID
  00001082   Crashcrashresolved (VRocker)2016-06-05BJ Injection
  0000085    Script Requestfeatureresolved (Juppi)2016-06-05Get and set Window title client name
  00001041   Crashminorresolved (VRocker)2016-06-04Crash when pressing tab with an empty chatbox
  0000103    Otherminornew2015-05-29Sync packets
  0000101    Bugminornew2015-05-17Vehicle seat - sync
  0000100    Script Problemcrashassigned (Juppi)2015-05-17Multiple anims
  00000991   Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2015-05-17GUI in reconnect
  0000096 1 Bugminornew2014-11-25Object rotation is not working properly
  00000951   Browser Issueminorassigned (VRocker)2014-11-16Some options doesn't work
  0000089    Bugminoracknowledged (Stormeus)2014-10-15LU requires kernel func available only in OS newer than Vista
  0000094    Browser Issueminorassigned (VRocker)2014-09-03Settings
  0000093    Browser Issueminorassigned (VRocker)2014-09-03[*.16] MOTD: Ignore for this server
  0000074 1 Bugmajoracknowledged (VRocker)2014-08-04*.ForceToSpawnScreen - Bug
  00000762   Bugmajorfeedback (VRocker)2014-08-04[CLIENT] These functions doesn't work... ( 2 )
  0000092    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2014-08-04GetMouseCursorPos
  0000091    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2014-08-04ProcessLineOfSight
  0000090    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2014-08-04ScreenPosToWorld Problem
   0000088    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2014-08-02Ping function isn't updated
  0000084    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2014-07-30GetScriptCount ( )
  00000791   Script Problemminorresolved (Juppi)2014-07-27FindVehicle function not working
  00000811   Bugfeatureconfirmed (VRocker)2014-07-27Loading box bug
  0000083    Script Problemfeatureassigned (Juppi)2014-07-20Player.Vehicle ยท Isn't called
  0000082    Script Problemcrashassigned (Juppi)2014-07-20CallFunc ( ) - Crashes
  0000077    Script Problemminorresolved (Juppi)2014-07-12Player.Armour returns and changes health
  00000751   Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2014-03-09Sprites crash
  0000073    Crashcrashresolved (VRocker)2013-11-20Client crashes when receiving new sound files from the server
  000002441 Bugmajorconfirmed2013-07-10The problem with 16 bit
  00000581   Crashcrashfeedback (VRocker)2013-07-10Crash when linking animations
  00000442   Bugminorconfirmed2013-07-10Setting a player's angle does not work
  000001921 Bugminorconfirmed (VRocker)2013-07-10Dropouts Docks (Bug drawing)
  000001841 Bugminorconfirmed (VRocker)2013-07-10Dropouts textures.
  000002351 Bugminorfeedback2013-07-10Unable to leave the game
  000000983 Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2013-07-10Crash c0000005 (Access Violation) when Alt-Tabbing
  000002511 Crashmajorassigned (VRocker)2013-07-10The problem with teleporting in the car
  00000221   Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2013-07-10Problems with the ID 0.
  00000651   Crashcrashfeedback (VRocker)2013-07-10Aircraft with press P
  00000671   Bugmajorconfirmed2013-07-10After locking a vehicle, when you reconnect/rejoin, all vehicles are locked.
  0000069    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2013-07-09Using player.Vehicle does not trigger onPlayerEnteredVehicle.
  00000562   Bugminorfeedback2013-01-06You cannot enter some vehicles.
  0000055    Script Requestminorassigned (Juppi)2012-11-25Enable cannons on boats
  0000054    Bugminoracknowledged2012-11-25Ejecting player from train does not call onClientExitedTrain
  0000053    Bugminorconfirmed2012-11-25User triggered death, when removing car.
  0000052    Script Problemmajorconfirmed (Juppi)2012-10-29UnknowPlayer
  0000050    Crashmajorassigned (VRocker)2012-08-11Setting GUILabel.Size in onClientRender causes process termination
  0000049 1 Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2012-08-04Fire-related crashes with no known cause
  0000029    Bugmajorconfirmed (VRocker)2012-07-20The problem with Uzi
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