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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000211   Bugminorclosed (VRocker)2013-07-10/reconnect does not reset loading progress bar
  00000341   Bugmajorclosed (VRocker)2013-07-10Editboxes in separate windows do not change focus
  0000028    Bugminorclosed (VRocker)2013-07-10The problem in selecting spawn.
  0000045    Bugminorclosed (VRocker)2013-07-10Bug when using player.ForceToSpawnScreen
  000003921 Crashcrashclosed (VRocker)2013-07-10An accident with a door at the BF Injection
  00000592   Bugminorclosed2013-07-10Bug with friendly fire
  0000068    Crashcrashclosed2013-07-10Crash when entering BF Injection at times. Crash happens when opendoor anim is applied to the player.
  000004021 Crashcrashclosed (VRocker)2013-07-10Message( ) in onScriptLoad causes the server to crash


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