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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000143    Otherminornew2021-07-05How do I set up Bellsouth email on Outlook?
  0000142    Browser Issueminorassigned (VRocker)2020-11-16Pain management Edison
  0000141    Bugminornew2019-11-22Field Service Management
  0000140    Crashminorassigned (VRocker)2018-02-19System is crashed when don't use firewalls
  0000139    Othertweaknew2016-11-22Vehicles become locked
  00001371   Crashminorassigned (VRocker)2016-11-13socket.SetLostConnFunc and socket.SetNewConnFunc dont work when used together
  0000138    Crashminorassigned (VRocker)2016-11-13Calling socket.Delete(); and reloading server scripts crashes server
  00000972   Bugminornew2016-10-24Control Dodo
  00001351   Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2016-08-17Random crash (maybe objects)
  00001341   Bugminornew2016-08-13Spheres become invisibles around 35-40 when the player exits and join again.
  0000133    Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2016-08-10Annonying object crash
   0000132    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-07-10Vehicle.Alarm
   0000131    Bugminornew2016-07-06Player name being showed without no colors after setting it with Player.ColouredName.
  0000130    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-07-03Vehicle.Hydraulics
  0000129    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-07-03CreateClientPickup
  0000128    Bugminornew2016-06-19Object::VirtualWorld
  0000127    Bugminornew2016-06-19Player::Spawn
  0000126    Bugminornew2016-06-11Death sync
  00001062   Bugminornew2016-06-06Handling set for single vehicle
  00001151   Bugminornew2016-06-05Reconnect player status
  0000124    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05GUIProgressBar
  0000122    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05PlaySoundFromURL
  0000121    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05Player.VirtualWorld
  0000120    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05Object.Attach
  0000119    Bugminornew2016-06-05Skin
  0000118    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05GUISprite
  0000117    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05GUIWindow
  0000116    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05Get weapon ammo per slot
  0000114    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05Keyboard/chat open/close
  0000113    Otherminornew2016-06-05RakNet Packet
   0000112    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05onClientChat
  00001111   Otherfeatureresolved (VRocker)2016-06-05Unique ID
  00001082   Crashcrashresolved (VRocker)2016-06-05BJ Injection
   0000110    Script Requestfeatureassigned (Juppi)2016-06-05RemoveFromVehicle
  0000109    Bugminorassigned (VRocker)2016-06-05Cars with passengers (and no driver) are invulnerable
  0000085    Script Requestfeatureresolved (Juppi)2016-06-05Get and set Window title client name
  0000107    Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2016-06-05GUI bad memory free
  0000105    Script Problemminorassigned (Juppi)2016-06-04Player.Weapon
  00001041   Crashminorresolved (VRocker)2016-06-04Crash when pressing tab with an empty chatbox
   0000102    Bugminornew2015-07-09Wanted level resetted
  0000103    Otherminornew2015-05-29Sync packets
  0000101    Bugminornew2015-05-17Vehicle seat - sync
  0000100    Script Problemcrashassigned (Juppi)2015-05-17Multiple anims
  00000991   Crashcrashassigned (VRocker)2015-05-17GUI in reconnect
  0000096 1 Bugminornew2014-11-25Object rotation is not working properly
  00000951   Browser Issueminorassigned (VRocker)2014-11-16Some options doesn't work
  0000089    Bugminoracknowledged (Stormeus)2014-10-15LU requires kernel func available only in OS newer than Vista
  0000094    Browser Issueminorassigned (VRocker)2014-09-03Settings
  0000093    Browser Issueminorassigned (VRocker)2014-09-03[*.16] MOTD: Ignore for this server
  0000074 1 Bugmajoracknowledged (VRocker)2014-08-04*.ForceToSpawnScreen - Bug
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