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0000139Liberty UnleashedOtherpublic2016-11-22 23:122016-11-22 23:12
0000139: Vehicles become locked
Over a period of the same vehicle being used after a certain amount of entries the doors become locked, I have created a simple loop to unlock all of the cars but this is another version of doors becoming locked, It's as if the client ignores the key press for entering the vehicle.
To speed up the bug testing at least stand a little distance away from the car, and keep trying to enter the car, As soon as your client starts to walk instantly push the backward key instantly, You will immediately get your locked door.
This is a very common bug that can happen to cars on the server, Regardless of entering a different door once that door is bugged you will never be capable of obtaining that seat ID.

Doors can become unlocked if you destroy that car, but thats about it..
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