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0000108Liberty UnleashedCrashpublic2016-06-05 16:592016-06-05 17:46
0000108: BJ Injection
BJ Injection crashing again.
Blow up a BJ Injection and after it respawned, get in (Claude opens like a unvisible door)
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2016-06-05 17:38   
Thanks ofr providing the steps to reproduce this. I'm looking into it now
2016-06-05 17:46   
Finally squished this rather annoying bug!

Turns out the respawn packet sent to the client would force the door status to 0 for all doors. This is fine for most cars but the BF injections door statuses need to be set to 3 (missing) otherwise you have the silly 'open an invisible door' bug.

Thanks again for the stpes to reproduce this. This bug has been annoying me for a long time. Hopefully there's no more BF Injection related crashes.